Episode Archive

Episode Archive

240 episodes of TechSNAP since the first episode, which aired on December 4th, 2014.

  • 430: All Good Things

    May 29th, 2020  |  52 mins 9 secs
    a cloud guru, anaconda, benchmarking, blivet, block size, centos, chunk, copy-on-write, dash to dock, devops, dkms, dnf, earlyoom, fedora, fedora 32, fedora workstation, filesystem, fuse, gnome, hard drive, hdd, iops, jupiter broadcasting, linux, lts, matthew miller, oom, openzfs, parity, ppa, raid, raid6, raidz, red hat, rolling release, spindle count, ssd, storage, sysadmin podcast, systemd, techsnap, throughput, ubuntu, vdev, wayland, x11, zfs, zpool

    It's a storage showdown as Jim and Wes bust some performance myths about RAID and ZFS.

  • 429: Curious About Caddy

    May 15th, 2020  |  30 mins 45 secs
    10nm, 14nm, 5.0 ghz, 5g, a cloud guru, amd, apache, automation, base clock rate, caddy, celeron, certbot, cloud, comet lake, containers, cpu, cpu cooling, debian, defense department, devops, fcc, gigahertz wars, gps, https, hyperthreading, i3, i5, i7, ice lake, integrated graphics, intel, intel core, internet, iot, jupiter broadcasting, l-band spectrum, let's encrypt, ligado, lightsquared, lithography, mobile broadband, nginx, ocsp, packaging, pentagon, pentium, power management, reverse proxy, security, single-core, software-defined radio, spoofing, sysadmin podcast, tdp, techsnap, thermal design power, thermal velocity boost, tls, traefik, turbo max boost, us military, web, web server, wireless communication, wordpress

    Jim and Wes take the latest release of the Caddy web server for a spin, investigate Intel's Comet Lake desktop CPUs, and explore the fight over 5G between the US Military and the FCC.

  • 428: RAID Reality Check

    May 1st, 2020  |  36 mins
    7fx2, a cloud guru, amd, backups, benchmarking, bgp, cloudflare, cpu, cron, cryptography, data integrity, devops, email, energy efficiency, epyc, fio, hard disk performance, hard drive, intel, internet, iops, iron wolf, isbgpsafeyet, jupiter broadcasting, md-raid, monitoring, networking, per-core performance, raid, raid-10, raid-5, raid-6, raidz, raidz2, route leak, routing, rpki, seagate, security, storage, sysadmin podcast, systemd, systemd timers, tdp, techsnap, threadripper, zfs

    We dive deep into the world of RAID, and discuss how to choose the right topology to optimize performance and resilience.

  • 427: Gigahertz Games

    April 17th, 2020  |  51 mins 29 secs
    10th-generation, 20.04, 5g, 6ghz, a cloud guru, amd, amiga, assembly, asus zephyrus g14, bsd, cell towers, comet lake, computer graphics, coronavirus, covid-19, demoscene, devops, farbrausch, fcc, focal fossa, freebsd, gaming laptop, ghostbsd, gnome, h-series, intel, jupiter broadcasting, mate, mod, overclocking, pc-bsd, project trident, ryzen 9, s3m, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, tracker, ubuntu, unix, void linux, wi-fi, wi-fi 6, wi-fi 6e, wireless spectrum, zfs on root

    Jim finally gets his hands on an AMD Ryzen 9 laptop, some great news about Wi-Fi 6e, and our take on FreeBSD on the desktop.

  • 426: Storage Stories

    April 3rd, 2020  |  31 mins 17 secs
    a cloud guru, andoird, block device, cloudfare, crypto, debian, device mapper, devops, dm-crypt, dm-zoned, encryption, exfat, filesystems, firmware, free software, fud, google, jupiter broadcasting, kernel module, linux 5.6, microsoft, networking, ntfs, ntfs-3g, nvme, open source, paragon software, raid, samba, samsung, seagate, security, shingled magnetic recording, smb, smr, ssd, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, ubuntu, western digital, windows, wireguard, zfs, zoned storage, zonefs

    We take a look at Cloudflare's impressive Linux disk encryption speed-ups, and explore how zoned storage tools like dm-zoned and zonefs might help mitigate the downsides of Shingled Magnetic Recording.

  • 425: Ryzen Gets Real

    March 20th, 2020  |  32 mins 53 secs
    20.04, a cloud guru, acme, amd, apt, atx12vo, automation, battery life, boulder, caa, canonical, computer hardware, cpu, devops, dns, electronics, freenas, fusion pools, gaming, go, gpu, graphics, https, integrated graphics, intel, ixsystems, jupiter broadcasting, laptop, lenovo, let's encrypt, linux academy, mobile processors, motherboard, power supply, psu, ryzen, ryzen 4000, ryzen mobile, sanoid, snapshots, storage, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, tls, truenas, truenas core, ubuntu, zfs, zsys

    We take a look at AMD's upcoming line of Ryzen 4000 mobile CPUs, and share our first impressions of Ubuntu 20.04's approach to ZFS on root.

  • 424: AMD Inside

    March 6th, 2020  |  28 mins 19 secs
    a cloud guru, amd, apple, broadcom, chrome, chromium, cloudflare, cpu, devops, dns, dns over https, doh, edge, encryption, energy, epyc, eset, firefox, google, https, intel, iphone, jupiter broadcasting, kr00k, krack, let's encrypt, linux academy, memory encryption, microsoft, microsoft edge, mktme, mozilla, nextdns, open source, performance per watt, power consumption, security, sgx, sme, ssl, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, tls, tme, tsme, vpn, web security, wifi, wireless, wpa2

    Cloudflare recently embarked on an epic quest to choose a CPU for its next-generation server build, so we explore the importance of requests per watt, the benefits of full memory encryption, and why AMD won.

  • 423: Hopeful for HAMR

    February 21st, 2020  |  29 mins 36 secs
    18.04, 18.04.4, a cloud guru, arc, benchmarks, cache, caching, clear linux, clear linux os, devops, filesystems, hamr, hard drives, hardware enablement, hdd, intel, jupiter broadcasting, l2arc, latency, linux, linux academy, linux desktop, lru, lts, maintenance release, mamr, microsoft, mobaxterm, performance, seagate, smr, storage, swupd, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, throughput, ubuntu, western digital, wifi, windows, wsl, zfs, zfs on linux, zol

    We explore the potential of heat-assisted magnetic recording and get excited about a possibly persistent L2ARC.

  • 422: Multipath Musings

    February 7th, 2020  |  23 mins 37 secs
    3gpp, 5g, a cloud guru, apple, aslr, automation, blink, browser wars, buffer overflow, cacheout, chrome, chromium, cloud, crypto, cryptography, devops, edge, edgium, failover, firefox, intel, ios, jason donenfeld, jupiter broadcasting, let's encrypt, linux, linux 5.6, linux academy, lte, microsoft, mobile, monitoring, mptcp, multipath tcp, nagios, networking, open standards, poly1305, sgx, speculative execution, ssl, stack canary, stack smashing, sysadmin podcast, teams, techsnap, tls, tsx, ubuntu 20.04, virtualization, vpn, wireguard, world wide web, zombieload

    We take a look at a few exciting features coming to Linux kernel 5.6, including the first steps to multipath TCP.

  • 421: Firewall Fun

    January 24th, 2020  |  25 mins 9 secs
    2600, a cloud guru, apollo, arm, bsd, captain crunch whistle, certificate validation, crypt32.dll, cryptoapi spoofing, cryptography, crystal method, cve-2020-0601, devops, ecc, elliptic curve cryptography, eternalblue, firewall, firewall appliance, hacking, iptables, john draper, jupiter broadcasting, linux, linux academy, microsoft, mitm, moon, nasa, national security administration, netgate, netgear, networking, nmap, nsa, opnsense, patch tuesday, patching, pf, pfsense, phreaking, quindar, quindar tones, rdp, rdp client, rdp gateway, routing, security, security gateway, space, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, telephony, unix, vpn, vulnerability, windows, windows 10, windows update, x86

    We explore the latest round of Windows vulnerabilities and Jim shares his journey adding OPNsense to his firewall family.

  • 420: Choose Your Own Compiler

    January 10th, 2020  |  24 mins 10 secs
    4g, 5g, broadband, c, canonical, cell phones, clang, compilers, debian, devops, fr1, fr2, gcc, gnu, init system, jupiter broadcasting, kernel development, linux, linux kernel, llvm, lte, michael larabel, mmwave, mobile, netplan, networking, phoronix, south korea, systemd, systemd-networkd, systems programming, techsnap, telephony, ubuntu, unity, wireless

    Compiling the Linux kernel with Clang has never been easier, so we explore this alternative compiler and what it brings to the ecosystem.

  • 419: Nebulous Networking

    December 27th, 2019  |  33 mins 33 secs
    artificial intelligence, at, cloud, colab, cryptography, deoldify, devops, encryption, firewall, flat network, google colab, gpu, imagenet, jupiter broadcasting, jupyter notebook, lighthouse, machine learning, mesh network, mesh networking, mesh vpn, nat busting, nebula, networking, neural networks, noise protocol framework, overlay network, pachinko, plinko, ryan huber, security, security groups, slack, system administration, techsnap, udp, udp hole-punching, virtual network, vpn, wireguard

    From classifying cats to colorizing old photos we share our top tips and tools for starting your machine learning journey. Plus, learn why Nebula is our favorite new VPN technology, and how it can help simplify and secure your network.

  • 418: 5G Fundamentals

    December 13th, 2019  |  34 mins 3 secs
    4g, 5g, 5g fr1, 5g fr2, amazon, arm, at&t, broadband, cellular, cellular modems, devops, eero, free software, freedom, iot, jupiter broadcasting, libre, librem 5, lte, mesh wifi, mobile, mobile cpu, mobile phones, networking, point-to-point, privacy, purism, qualcomm, security, smartphone, snapdragon 865, speed test, t-mobile, techsnap, wi-fi, wifi, wireless, wireless modems

    As the rollout of 5G finally arrives, we take some time to explain the fundamentals of the next generation of wireless technology.

  • 417: Machine Learning Magic

    November 29th, 2019  |  26 mins 27 secs
    ai, aiexpert, aimesh, amplifi, amplifi alien, artificial general intelligence, artificial intelligence, arvind narayanan, asus, ata, bitlocker, chip design, cpu, cryptography, dban, deep learning, deep learning boost, devops, drunkard's walk, encryption, ethernet, google, gpu, hard disk, hard drive, hardware encryption, home networking, i9-10980xe, ieee, inference, intel avx512, jeffrey dean, jupiter broadcasting, linear algebra, lora, luks, machine learning, matrix multiplication, mesh wifi, networking, neural network, npu, nvidia, ofdma, ofnp, on-off noise power communication, openvino, orthogonal frequency-division multiple access, resnet, router, secure erase, security, smallnetbuilder, solid state, ssd, storage, supercomputers, techsnap, tesla v100, tim higgins, tpu, training, ubiquiti, unifi, wifi, wifi 6, wireless

    We explore the rapid adoption of machine learning, its impact on computer architecture, and how to avoid AI snake oil.

  • 416: I.T. Phone Home

    November 15th, 2019  |  27 mins 56 secs
    archival, business, chromium, cloud key, cold storage, communication, devops, glass, jupiter broadcasting, linux, long term storage, microsoft, microsoft edge, microsoft ignite, open source, optical media, optical storage, parity, project silica, security camera, superman, techsnap, telemetry, the mote in god's eye, ubiquiti, unifi, unifi controller, video, wifi, zfs

    Ubiquiti's troublesome new telemetry, Jim's take on the modern Microsoft, and why Project Silica just might be the future of long term storage.

  • 415: It's All About IOPS

    November 1st, 2019  |  34 mins 29 secs
    4k random writes, benchmarks, crucial, dd, devops, disk benchmarking, disk cache, disk performance, fio, flash storage, flexible io tester, fsync, hard disk, hard disk drive, iops, jupiter broadcasting, mlc, nvme, phoronix test suite, queue depth, raid, rsyslogd, samsung evo, samsung pro, sandisk, slc, solid state disks, spinning rust, ssd, ssd cache, ssd controller, ssds, syslog, techsnap, test your pain points, throughput, tlc, trim, write endurance

    We share our simple approach to disk benchmarking and explain why you should always test your pain points.