Episode Archive

Episode Archive

240 episodes of TechSNAP since the first episode, which aired on December 4th, 2014.

  • 398: Proper Password Procedures

    February 28th, 2019  |  31 mins 23 secs
    1password, bcrypt, brute force, burp intruder, compliance, cracking, cryptographic hash, cryptography, devops, encryption, entropy, ethics, hashing algorithms, keepass, lastpass, offline encryption, owasp, password manager, password salt, passwords, pbkdf2, pci-dss, pivot, plaintext, power company, rainbow tables, scrypt, security, security research, sedc, software development, standards, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, utility

    We reveal the shady password practices that are all too common at many utility providers, and hash out why salts are essential to proper password storage.

  • 397: Quality Tools

    February 14th, 2019  |  40 mins 39 secs
    bandwidth, bitorrent, bufferbloat, collectd, command line, firehol, fireqos, firewall, gre, home networking, iptables, latency, monitoring, mpls, munin, nagios, netdata, network discipline, networking, networking engineering, openvpn, prometheus, qdisc, qos, queing discipline, queues, rate limit, routing, sane defaults, tc, tcp, traffic control, traffic shaping, udp, vpn, wireguard, wondershaper

    Join Jim and Wes as they battle bufferbloat, latency spikes, and network hogs with some of their favorite tools for traffic shaping, firewalling, and QoS.

  • 396: Floating Point Problems

    January 31st, 2019  |  27 mins 11 secs
    avx, cddl, checksum, clone, data integrity, devops, floating point, fpu, freebsd, gpl, hardware acceleration, header, journaling, kernel module, kernel preemption, lfnw, linux, multitasking, openzfs, oracle, raid, simd, snapshot, software license, storage, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, vectorized instructions, zfs, zfs on linux, zol, zvol

    Jim and Wes are joined by OpenZFS developer Richard Yao to explain why the recent drama over Linux kernel 5.0 is no big deal, and how his fix for the underlying issue might actually make things faster.

  • 395: The ACME Era

    January 20th, 2019  |  33 mins 21 secs
    acme, acme v2, apache, automation, bgp, caddy, certbot, csr, devops, dns, domain verification, dovecot, dv, eff, encryption, ev, exim, extended verification, http, https, ietf, isrg, let’s encrypt, mail server, mozilla, networking, nginx, postfix, public key cryptography. x.509, security, ssl, ssl certificates, startssl, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, tls, tls certificates, tls-sni-01, traefik

    We welcome Jim to the show, and he and Wes dive deep into all things Let’s Encrypt.

  • 394: All About Azure

    January 10th, 2019  |  26 mins 9 secs
    active directory, aws, azure, azure sphere, azure stack, cloud, command line, devops, file sync, hybrid cloud, linux, microsoft, mssql, networking, powershell, powershell core, security, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, virtualization, vpc, vpn, windows

    Wes is joined by a special guest to take a look back on the growth and development of Azure in 2018 and discuss some of its unique strengths.

  • 393: Back to our /roots

    January 3rd, 2019  |  22 mins 22 secs
    allan jude, automation, aws, bitcoin, cloud, devops, dropbox, flash, freebsd, information density, jim salter, networking, psn breach, security, security breach, sony, ssl, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, tls, wordpress

    In a special new year’s episode we take a moment to reflect on the show’s past, its future, and say goodbye to an old friend.

  • 392: Keeping up with Kubernetes

    December 12th, 2018  |  27 mins 28 secs
    ceph, christmas, chromium, chromium os, cloud native, cloudevent, cncf, container vulnerability, containers, control plane, crossplane, cve, cve-2018-1002105, devops, elasticsearch, etcd, event driven, faas, gitlab, google, helm, helm hub, holiday, http, ibm, istio, k8s, knative, kube-apiserver, kubecon, kubernetes, metrics, multicloud, networking, openwhisk, rbac, red hat, rook, security, security vulnerability,, serverless, storage, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, traefik, websocket

    A security vulnerability in Kubernetes causes a big stir, but we’ll break it all down and explain what went wrong.

  • Episode 391: Firecracker Fundamentals

    November 29th, 2018  |  21 mins 17 secs
    allan jude, amazon, aws, bgp, devops, dive, docker, evilginx2, fargate, firecracker, kvm, lambda, lsi, mitm, networking, openbgpd, openbsd, proxy, qemu, raid, ripe, rpki, rust, security, sennheiser, serverless, ssl, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, tls, venom, virtual machines, virtualization

    We break down Firecracker Amazon’s new open source kvm powered, virtual machine monitor, and explore what makes it different than the options on the market now.

  • Episode 390: What’s Up with WireGuard

    November 22nd, 2018  |  34 mins 55 secs
    algo, devops, ipsec, jim salter, linux, networking, private networking, security, ssh, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, vpn, wireguard

    WireGuard has a lot of buzz around it and for many good reasons. We’ll explain what WireGuard is specifically, what it can do, and maybe more importantly, what it can’t.

  • Episode 389: The Future of HTTP

    November 15th, 2018  |  43 mins 46 secs
    ars technica, bcmupnp_hunter, bgp, bgp hijack, bgp leak, bgp security, botnet, broadcom, china telecom, devops, encryption, format string vulnerability, google, homebrew router, http, http-over-quic, http/3, jim salter, mainone, networking, quic, router, router security, rpki, sanoid, security, spam, sysadmin, techsnap, tls, udp, upnp, wifi, wireguard

    Wes is joined by special guest Jim Salter to discuss Google's recent BGP outage and the future of HTTP.

  • Episode 388: The One About eBPF

    October 25th, 2018  |  36 mins 57 secs
    bcc, bpf, bpfilter, bpftrace, bytecode, containers, devops, dtrace, ebpf, instrumentation, kernel, kprobe, linus, linux, lwn, meetbsd, monitoring, networking, observability, pipecut, pipeline, seccomp, security, shell, sysadmin, tcpdump, techsnap, tracing, ultimate plumber, up, virtual machine, xdp

    We explain what eBPF is, how it works, and its proud BSD production legacy.

  • Episode 387: Private Cloud Building Blocks

    October 11th, 2018  |  33 mins 37 secs
    amy marrich, ansible, containers, cri, ipfs, kata containers, kubernetes, magnum, openstack, openstack training artichect, phishing, private cloud, rachel kroll, rfc, rocky, sysadmin, techsnap, uber, writing things down, zun, zuul

    We bring in Amy Marrich to break down the building blocks of OpenStack. There are nearly an overwhelming number of ways to manage your infrastructure, and we learn about one of the original tools.

  • Episode 386: What Makes Google Cloud Different

    October 4th, 2018  |  34 mins 57 secs
    bare metal kubernetes, cloud build, container security, google cloud, iot, kubedirector, kubernetes, kubespy, matt ulasien, ntp, roughtime, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, timekeeping

    We bring on our Google Cloud expert and explore the fundamentals, demystify some of the magic, and ask what makes Google Cloud different.

  • Episode 385: 3 Things to Know About Kubernetes

    September 27th, 2018  |  23 mins 9 secs
    clonezilla, cloudflare, esni, hassh, https, kubeadm, kubernetes, kubernetes the hard way, minikube, salesforce, sni, ssh, sysadmin podcast, techsnap, will boyd

    Kubernetes expert Will Boyd joins us to explain the top 3 things to know about Kubernetes, when it’s the right tool for the job, and building highly available production grade clusters.

  • Episode 384: Interplanetary Peers

    September 21st, 2018  |  37 mins 14 secs
    alpine linux, cloudflare, content-addressable storage, data breach, decentralization, decentralized storage, devops, dnslink, docker, filecoin, filesystems, government payment service, govpaynow, hacktoberfest, interplanetary filesystem, ipfs, ipns, ipsec, javascript, magecart, newegg, orbitdb, payment systems, peer-to-peer, podcast, sysadmin, vpn, wd my cloud, western digital

    Jon the Nice Guy joins Wes to discuss all things IPFS. We'll explore what it does, how it works, and why it might be the best hope for a decentralized internet.

  • Episode 383: The Power of Shame

    September 13th, 2018  |  51 mins 48 secs
    2fa, apple, british airways, csv, devops, equifax, github, javascript, mozilla, podcast, project verify, security shaming, sql, ssh, ssh forwarding, supply chain, sysadmin

    TechSNAP progenitor and special guest Allan Jude joins us to talk mobile security, hand out some SSH tips and tricks, and discuss why security shaming works so well.